If you think getting dressed every morning is a chore, imagine what it took for a woman to look good in the 1700s. There were petticoats and stays, of course—but also a whole lot of other things under those skirts too. From detachable “pockets” to hip pads and bum rolls designed to lift a woman’s skirts and make her waist look small.   Curious to know exactly what it took to get dressed in the 18th century? Come learn from Old York’s own historic clothing experts, Kristel Henry and Hannah Peterson, as they explain the complexities of a woman’s wardrobe. As living history enthusiasts, they have extensive experience constructing and wearing reproduction clothing. Using a combination of historic and reproduction examples, Peterson and Henry will examine each layer of clothing, explore various clothing construction techniques and materials, and discuss the difference between lower- and upper-class garments.

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Old York Historical Society
3 Lindsay Road, York, Maine, 03909, United States
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